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Howto become a male modeling star? Stylished will inform you about the way to become a male model.

Do you know 5 male models?

Can you give an example for 5 male models without thinking about? No? You can't? What is about female models? Do you know 5 names of female models? Of course you know! Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, Tyra Banks and Giselle Bündchen are just a few names of female Topmodels. But why do we not know names of famous male models? Maybe you know one or two names like Marcus Schenkenberg, a model from Sweden, Bruce Darnell or someone else, but you might be not able to write down a whole list with names of male models.
But why is that so? Well that might have an psychological aspect.
Women and men are more interested in things which were worn by a beautiful female model than in something a man has worn. Well, of course women like beautiful clothes on beautiful male models, but men just look most at the usefulness of clothes. Also most men are not really interested in fashion. They are more interested in Cars or Hifi then looking at male models to be informed about the new trends.
Women like to look at good looking men, but they think that such famous persons are unattainable. They also don't want to talk much about male models if they are married or have a boyfriend, because they most think that talking about beautiful male models, beautiful male stars or a beautiful man they have seen on the street, criticize their men, because they are not good looking like a model or they don't have a six-pack or something like that. They don't want that their men would feel offended.
But nowadays the younger generation is interested in fashion, not just the girls also the boys. Also if the boys don't seek to become a male model, they want to be trendy, to have the latest fashionable clothing, to be on everyone's lips. Young men attach much value to look good.
But the most boys are not interested to emulate male models, like girls want to emulate female models. Of course there are boys who want to become a model and went to castings to get the chance to become a model.
They see male models like Bruce Darnell in the News, in TV shows like Germanys next Topmodel or on the catwalk and try to become like him. But most they don't want their friends to know that, boys don't want to indicate that they want to be a model, not like girls who adorn themselves with their beauty.
There is a change in our society and maybe we get to know more names of male models in the future. And maybe there will be TV-shows like Germanys or Americas next Topmodel for men.

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