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Stylished ID: 214520
Stadt: Berlin
Land: Berlin, Deutschland
Tätigkeit: Model, Art Student, Painter
Fotograf: Nastya
Alter: 25
Besucher: 2857
Angemeldet seit: 03.10.2014
Zuletzt aktiv: 09.01.2015
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Über mich

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my now official Profile, the profile of art-nude model Nastya. )))

I do not speak German, so English is better. Thank you.

I am Nastya an art model recently living in Lviv, Ukraine.
I work in a large variety of styles and themes, and Yes, i also do and like nudes a lot. But also fashion and Werbung is nice.
And i am a good workshop model, too. Only this normal Model-Sharing i don't like so much anymore.

For me it’s always best and ideal to see and understand a certain concept. I understand myself more as a photo-actress than just a model. I like to be part of an idea and process and not just stand naked in a corner. )))

So, if you are interested in working with me now, write me and we talk about your idea, plans, times and my
compensation. I DONT do any TFP/CD shoots anymore, since i work as an art-model now for 5 years and have
collected so many good pictures and portfolio material already, that i don’t need it anymore just for the pictures.

Plus, i am pretty much establishing myself as an artist, painter at the moment, so with every shooting that you pay,
you not only support my life, my freedom and my dreams - but also my art. ))))

I am free and able to travel in any part of the world if you have the budget for travel-tickets and accommodation. )))
I have a blog on Tumblr which you find with my name Nastya Model.

Thank you so much.
And write me. I am open for a lot of new things now.

/// Nastya ///

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RickB, Stuart Holden, Stefan Soell, Alex Berkun, Svenson Linnert, Phototours Ukraine, Aleksa Slursarchi, Ruslan Lobanov ....

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