Model aus Vukovar

Stylished ID: 198342
Stadt: Vukovar
Land: Kroatien
Alter: 34
Besucher: 116
Angemeldet seit: 26.10.2013
Zuletzt aktiv: 09.03.2015
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Über mich

Casual,Baby-face or "cute guy",Young like,free,and calm - That's me ! I like to do things without a negative,arrogant or nervous way,or attitude.I always say quality not quantity.In Life is everything hard to become or to be,Life is a long battle for me,because nothing,nothing is or will be easy.That's my attitude.You have a dream ? Go get it ! You must protect it,with discipline and hard work,determination,You will get that dream ! Just never give up.If u fail,stand up and do it again,just never ever give up! I am saying these things because in my life I've achieved my goals with the above sentences and words about Life. I am training Kick-box,as a kid ,before the War began in former Yugoslavia,with 8 years old i started to train karate.As Refugees in Swiss I started to training football (soccer) and was a good attacking midfielder,at the same time i was training Judo and I made it to the Dan. Now I speak german like a bavarian german because of the Berndeutsch :) ,and English language I can write and speak fluently....I knew french..but no I now only some basics.I was working as a Tourist Animator in a team of 6 people in Rovinj,in the Croatian Ocean ,exactly in a Summer Camp. There I was working with a lot of tourists from the whole World,as a team we made late night shows for adults on front of thousands people ,I was runing the show with my friend Valentina.I was responsible to speak croatian,german,and english at the same time so the crowd could understand it.I was also acting in various roles - In general it was comedy acting,but my top of the tops was when I had to act and sing Julio Iglesias,it was on playback but at the final part i had to take off all my clothes except my underwear which were to tight pink girls boxer-shorts. That was my hardest but best performance.After that night I had huge fans,flirts,"offers" haha but a lot gay fans,who know what I mean.But It does not bothers me,I have nothing against LGBT population,I have even a lot gay friends.
In Bremen,Ottersberg I was working with the students,the Main theme was "Heilung durch Kunst" - it means :Healing through art.Wow,I've wrote so much....what else...yea - Music! Music is my biggest Passion.I am producing my own music (take a look on ) my artist name is The 41 Pills.
I am a person who is trying to look in life,not only in life...I mean generally,in some hard look positive,to be positive,to live everyday in a positive way.

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